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Our deerskin drumskins Different sounds arise as a result of different kinds of skin, rigidity of the skins and age of the animals. For our drums only those skins are selected that are suitable for our purpose.

During the development of our shamanic drums we experimented with different animal skins. (goat, reindeer, calf, horse, buffalo, ibex, etc.)

We obtained the most optimal results with deer skin. These skins are very robust and give a broad sound spectrum with a warm, earthy bass. World-wide the deer was, and still is, admired as a holy animal. Also in our cultural context the deer is seen since primeval times as an extremely strong being of our Celtic and pre+Celtic ancestors. Cernunnos - the horned god of the Celts with deer antlers is an example. He is a nature god - ruler over the forests, the animals and fertility.

With the Celts a deer is a symbol for transition , it is the deer god who wanders between the material world and the other world and has special easy access to other dimensions. His antlers function symbolically as an antenna into the other worlds, into the „not everyday reality". He is the messenger between the worlds. He is seen in connection to transition, change, crossing into other ranges, entering new territories. A strong and helpful companion for „shamanic travel"!
Our skins come from domestic animals.

Importing goods from low-wage economies or from countries with doubtful animal husbandry and/or treatment, with possibel health hazards is not even taken into consideration by us. We  know  where our materials come from and stand by this choice. The skins are sorted for their respective intended purpose and cleaned by hand and depilated in a long-proven biological process. Subsequently, a gentle drying process takes place. The skin is not injured by the careful treatment and no chemicals remain. This enviremental friendly & pollution free job takes about 2-3 weeks, but this additional time spent to this "out of the ordinary" treatment of skins guarantees permanent and highest drum skin quality and also shows respect for the animal that gave its skin for our drums. Afterwards the deer skin is further improved by a complex physical and biochemical procedure under application of special, natural herb substances and oils. This special drum skin is known under the trade name "DRAGONSkin" and originates from quality instrument making.
This new development on the basis of an age-old procedure makes the completely special sound spectrum of the NEW SPIRIT DRUM!

DRAGONSkin - drum skins have characteristics that  otherwise only drums possess, that have been played for many years. They are softer, smoother and inspire by a full bass and an enormous sound volume from the start. For more information about DRAGONSkin click this link In principle we use completely depilated drum skins, since vermin infestation with hairy skins is hardly avoidable in the long run! Christian Hedwitshak always says: " We don't  build low-rent housing for moths, do we?" ;o

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