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The 3-fold division of the hand grip For a long time if we searched ourselveves how to divide the drum through the hand grip. In the course of the development of the drum however it became ever more evident that we did not want the classical indian variant of the 4-fold division. Instead we preferred the 3-fold division of the Celtic and also Christian tradition. The Celts, as well as the later Christian religion, knew the symbolism of three-in-one  and the  symbolism of one-in-three - the Trinity. The Trinity represents the aspects of the Earth mother: Light, Fertility and Wellbeing A frequent element of Celtic art is the three-wheel (Triskell), a simple motif, which consists of 3 elements, that move around a common center in the same direction. This motive is frequently on Shields, drums and Amulets. The division in three  symbolizes the solidarity of:

Body - soul - spirit the circle of: youth - mature age - old age birth - life - death And not least the division in three shows the topology of the schamanistic universe, in which we move during the schamanistic journeys, with the elements

Lower world - middle world - upper world

The circle symbolizes the infinity of the creation. Without beginning and without end.

Because the wooden ball is in the center, the drum sits very well in the hand.

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