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The wood of our drums

We exclusively use layer-glued massive beech wood for the basic frame as well as for the tuning frame, since it offers highest stability with appropriate weight and is widely available. Plywood does not stand a chance with us.

Originally beech was the most important and most common tree species in our parts. Very vital with a hard type of wood for a broad spectrum of use.

With our ancestors the beech was seen as a wise, old being. It is symbolically also seen as „the grandmother of the forest “. She arranges and creates clarity and strengthens. A faithful companion and a steadfast aide. She protects you, understands the goals you want to reach and does her best to support you.

A strong allie for schamanic active people!

Our woods are improved with natural oil and wax. A drum with a diameter of 36 cm weighs approx. 900 gr.; a drum with a diameter of 40 cm weighs about 1000 grams. The drum can be held and played problem-free because of the light weight construction even for a longer period. The singular frame construction improves the overall acoustics of the drum. The shape of the drum Our drums have a classic circular construction. Symbolically they are seen as a circle. The circle without beginning and without end, the symbol for unity, for perfection but also for protection and security. The circle is a symbol for the solidarity of all worlds with all its inhabitants. In the circle "everyday reality" and "not everyday reality" connect. A circle is an infinite line, an indication of infinity, stepping out of space and time. The circle of our drum depicts the center of our universe. From here we go on journeys into "the not everyday reality".


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