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The "Fathers" of the NEW SPIRIT DRUM:

Martin Berghammer, schamanisch practicing, AURA and energy work, Spiritual Healing. (on the left)

Christian Hedwitschak, Bodhránmaker (Irish frame drum) and master carpenter. (on the right)

In the spring of 2004 their paths crossed because two acquaintances of theirs recommended them to each other at the same time. Martin in search of a tuneable shaman drum, Christian in search of new challenges in drum making. Quickly Christian had to find out that a Shaman drum is not only simply a subspecies of musical drums, but is its own, complex tool. First attempt drums were built, tested, rejected, developed further. Different drum skins and types of framework were used. In several drum groups and seminars the drums were tried, tested and refined. NEW SPIRIT DRUM therefore is now the final product of our development over many years. A high-quality drum at a fair price for a broad spectrum of use.

Now we are ready to share this special drum, "our Baby" with you.

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