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NEW SPIRIT - connecting ancient knowledge, tradition and progress for present day shamanism.

Are you looking for a shamanic drum which
connects traditional knowledge of materials, form
and symbolism with innovative, up-to-date technology, timeless design and an environmentally conscious choice of materials?

Would you like to drum to energise, relax or center yourself?

We offer:

  • Professional, high-quality construction.
  • Elegant, simple & timeless design.
  • Very robust frame.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Sits very well in the hand.
  • Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany exclusively with domestic materials.
  • Domestic beech, improved with natural surface conditioners.
  • Optimised acoustics.
  • DRAGONSkin drum skin (deer).
  • Toolless tuning system.
  • Skin mounted on shammy leather.

NEW SPIRIT DRUM therefore is the optimal companion for all types of deployment:

  • For shamanic journeys (deep, full bass with harmonious overtones). Through the use of the "DRAGONSkin" drum skin, the drum comes alive and into "singing" fast.
  • To accompany power and soul songs (variable, extremely simple and fast tuning possibility makes very deep to high tones possible).
  • Working in nature (very simply correctable, also in damp weather).
  • To accompany meditation, introspection and relaxation.
  • Or for just playing, experimenting, or simply having fun...

With our NEW SPIRIT we take new paths, far away from imitations or copies of Norh American Indian or Siberian shamanic drums.

In short:

We build shamanic drums from domestic natural materials, which are shaped to a simple, elegant, up-to-date design and correspond to the spirit of our western culture and our western shamanic roots.
On top of that these drums offer sound and tuning possibilities, so far unknown to, yet inherent to the modern time.

Our Shamanic drum connects old knowledge with progress in our time!

Let the NEW SPIRIT therefore sing and sound, call the spirits, take paths into the "not everyday" reality, give power to your songs and be your companion into relaxation and well-being, guidance and deepening knowledge.

No frills - PURE drum!

Nothing was left to  coincidence, each detail of this drum has its purpose, its sense, its own „spirit“.

Have fun exploring our product!


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